Helping our local community

The Mt Millar Wind Farm Community Fund provides ongoing support to local community clubs and organisations.

The Community Fund provides money for projects of social, economic or environmental benefit to the immediate area surrounding the wind farm (Cowell, Cleave and other adjacent communities) . This may include funding for local sporting groups, charities, community groups, education, culture, arts and other not-for-profit organisations or other community needs.

Mt Millar Wind Farm will provide $5,000 per year for each year that the wind farm is in operation to the Community Fund. Any funds not utilised will be carried over to the next year.

Grant Process

This year, the Community Fund has $5,000 available for grants to community organisations.

The applications for the projects should include the below selection criteria:

  • demonstrate collaboration and increased community participation;
  • show that the project is achievable within local mandates;
  • demonstrate the need for the project and include supporting research; and
  • take into consideration the approval necessary and the ownership/maintenance of any new asset.

Assessment and Notification

Applications will be assessed, and successful applicants will be advised in writing.


The funding for successful applications will be paid by directly to the suppliers of goods and services, upon presentation of a tax invoice. Grants must be used within 12 months of their award.


  1. Send us an email covering off the selection criteria points.
  2. Return the completed email with your responses and any supporting documentation to the Wind Farm Community Fund, either by email:, or by post: Mt Millar Wind Farm, Suite 1, Level 1, 150 Collins Street, Melbourne Vic 3000
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