Mt Millar Wind Farm

The Mt Millar Wind Farm is situated on an escarpment between the towns of Cowell and Cleve on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. The 35 wind turbines are positioned on the elongated Mt Millar site (about 7 kilometres (4.3 miles) in length) to maximise wind exposure.

About Mt Millar Wind Farm

The Mt Millar Wind Farm was the first wind farm in South Australia to use Enercon E-70 2MW direct drive turbines (don't have gearboxes).

It connects to ElectraNet’s existing transmission network at Yadnarie Substation, via a 33 km 132 kV overhead transmission line and substation. Construction of this wind farm started in late 2004 and was completed in December 2005. Power production started in February 2006. The $130 million project was developed by Tarong Energy.

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Environmental Benefit

Mt Millar Wind Farm comprises 35 turbines of 2MW capacity each, giving it a total capacity of 70MW. It produces around 170,000MWh of electricity per year.

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Community new

Community Fund

The Community Fund provides money for projects of social, economic or environmental benefit to the immediate area surrounding the wind farm. This may include funding for local sporting groups, charities, community groups, education, culture, arts and other not-for-profit organisations or other community needs.

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Project Summary

Location Eyre Peninsula, South Australia
Turbines 35 Enercon E-70 2MW
Installed Capacity 70 MW
Hub Height 85m
Rotor Diameter 71m
Energy Production 170,000 MWh Annually
Fully Commissioned 2009
Owner Australian Renewables Income Fund